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It's the magical age when Davie Jones (yet to be David Bowie) and Patricia Smith ventured into New York City without a penny in their pockets but ready to devote their lives to making a statement in art.

It's the age when a boy named William John Paul Gallagher joined a band called the Rain with shitty songs and lyrics but wanted to become the biggest rock n roll star on the planet. He will soon drag his brother, a super-genius who just wrote Live Forever, onto a crazy ride.

It's the age when the future unfolds for those of us who don't wanna live as we're told.

In Noel "God" Gallagher's words: we only get what we will settle for.

Here's to whoever sneers at a reckless young mind: watch out for who we can be.

Cheers to another year of survival. MAD FER IT.

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